Has God become Human?

Has God become Human?

Three straight dismissals under 30. Stumps uprooted on every occasion. Lack of foot movement. Sachin Tendulkar.
Cumulatively the above phrases sound impossible. As shocking as they may sound, they are just as true. Sachin Tendulkar who is a god to many has been off the hook lately. His mediocre performances against an average New Zealand bowling attack has raised some eyebrows. A nation where cricket is by far the most followed religion, It’s hard to accept the fact that the so-called god of the game is past his prime.
Now the question that most of the cricket pundits have been broadcasting is, “Is this the right time for Sachin to make an exit from the game?”. Some apparent experts have even openly voiced for the motion indicating  end of Sachin’s marathon of a career.
Well keeping sentiments aside for a moment, it may just be the right thing to do.

Sachin’s almost extraterrestrial achievements, infinite records, incredible glories and the most loyal service towards our nation is irreplaceable. His name and stature will always be inscribed in the history books and undoubtedly in every Indian heart. He indeed has been the finest cricketer of the 4 generations of cricket that he has been a part of. Period.
But at 39, where his body language speaks louder than any blabber-mouth, it’s safe to say that he is on the verge of his end. It’s time he made way for the young guns who have queued up and are waiting for an opportunity.
Virat Kohli has emerged as a great batsman over the years and Pujara has also offered some resistance on the pitch. So youngsters have been performing now and then to successfully fill the void when Sachin fails to perform.
Does this mean we are ready to let the King of the game hold up his shoes and let the descendants carry forward the legacy?

Well not yet?
The experts have disseminated their egregiuos analysis, but there is a believer in me, a reasoner who needs an altercation.

Ever since Sachin rose as the best player of all times, ex-cricketers and a few jobless analysts have silently been trying to belittle him. As soon as he puts up an average performance, newspapers, TV channels and e-Media get flooded with reports of Sachin Tendulkar’s end. And everytime Sachin has let his bat do the talking shutting every critic’s mouth up. Be it his tennis elbow injury, forgetful captaincy period or the long wait before his 100th ton. He has always been shown the door-way, but he has always marked a grand comeback. Every single time!
Besides his records and history of comebacks, let us try to look at the future prospectives of the game if Sachin retires.

They say youngsters will fill in Sachin’s shoes. Really? Dudes, We have still not found ganguly’s stable replacement. Adding up to the misery, With Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman no longer in the squad, we are yet to fill these two important slots.
And if Sachin retires, we might see a Bangladesh twin team.
Apart from this, in Sachin we have a brand ambassador of cricket. With his exit, Half of the Indians would stop following cricket. The stadiums would have more birds than humans as spectators. It will be a standstill not only in the stadiums and viewership but also in the revenues that the BCCI generates.
Not to forget the morale Sachin brings to the dressing room as quoted by his fellow team-mates.

So will we really be able to do without Sachin?
We might. But the game will never be like as it is now.

He may have been struggling with his form lately but I am sure and the nation is sure that he will comeback in style..

Sachin is not a god to me but he definitely is a superhuman. And superhumans act faster than we do. Thus he would know when to retire before any of us. We need not advice him.

Whereas those who still are pessimistic about this, Most of us would just like to say, “Bitch Please, STFU!”.


What is the Prefix to you ‘ist’?


Feminist, atheist, realist, extremist, communist _____ist. What category do you fall under?

Its cool to proclaim oneself a feminist or an atheist right? And even cooler to let people know about it?

I know i know. Being cool, being renowned among friends and contemporaries has lately become the 4th essential requirement for one’s survival. The other 3 being food, clothes and shelter obviously.

Now if you are an 80’s or a 90’s kid, you would know what ‘apparently’ makes us cool?

Yes it starts with following the trend. Who cares about the originality?
If Ranbir Kapoor wears hippie like clothes in Rockstar with a guitar to go with it and he is a hit among the masses, you’d take up the same attire and boom! Click, snap, photographs! Aren’t you cool?
If Anurag Kashyap’s latest film endorses a set of foul words, next day abuses reverbrate all around be it on the social sites or discussion grounds while the voices in your head say, “Man i am the coolest. I can abuse too and grab eyeballs”.

The road to sound cool has a few other checkpoints. One of them being tagging oneself as one or multiple of the ‘ists‘.

For instance in a patriarchial society, you would probably call yourself a ‘feminist’ because that’d be the need of the hour. (Although you might not even know what it means and would primarily dominate the women around you).

Similarly in a society where there are communal differences, you would be seen among the ranks of ‘communists’ in a matter of nano-seconds.

You’d be an atheist in a group comprised of people who believe in god just because that would give you a unique and perhaps a cool identity.

Just because you have had a bad experience with a woman in your life, you would not waste a minute before generalizing all women as ‘bitches’ (Yes you were also a feminist a couple of hours back). Who cares? You get to become a male chauvinist. And anything that ends with an ‘ist‘ automatically makes you cool.

Alright, you are cool. You are the most sought after. Your bio on social sites cry out aloud that you are an ‘ist‘. But who are you kidding with? Illusion and pseudo image opus successful. Kudos! But for how long and for whom?
In this process of becoming cool, don’t you think we are only segregating this society?

Global problems and issues never get adjourned because there are too many ‘ists‘. And each assembly magnifies the problems by putting their failures into it and blaming the other troops for the same. For example a feminist would criticize a male chauvinist for male dominance that prevails in most of the societies and vice versa. Yes it only worsens the problem. Instead of empathizing one another and bridging the gaps, we create room for enhanced adversities.

I am not opposing your beliefs or persuading you to alter them. You have the ‘right to choose’ and plant your beliefs in anything. You have the liberty to support a group or a cause but what i mean to say through this earnest discourse is that most of us are starting to  overlook the ‘ist‘ that all of us innate, the ‘ist‘ that binds us. Its ‘Humanist‘!

Our society needs to be overhauled big time. Let us follow the trend of being HUMANISTS. Let us love everyone. Let us respect everyone. Let us be one.

And dudes, believe me there is nothing more cool than ‘being yourself’. I know its a phrase used often but put into use very rarely. We can at least try though.

I’d now just let you be. Think over it and act accordingly. Stay Real. Stay Cool.

(Note : The portions in the article where YOU has been used negatively do not target ‘you’. Its for most of ‘us’).


Honestly, I can not think of an ‘eyes popping out’ start to the note at the moment and so I guess its going to be rather odd because I have taken up writing for the third straight day, which in itself is stupefying. Is this really me? Is this what I’d usually do at this hour of the day or actually any?
These are a few perennial questions that are impinging on to me. The answer is beautifully hidden in a single word, “Change”.
Relax! This time I’m not going to give you the definition to it because you already know it.
But have you ever really thought over it beyond the definition is the question.

I expect the answer to be a yes!
Anyway, I’m here to voice my notion, my interest. So this is going to be more of a diary thing.

Change, Evolution, Growth. These are three closely related words that lie on the same spectrum but still find different places in the dictionary. I’d like to discuss on it though. I mean Evolution is actually a Change that may lead to Growth either on the negative or positive scale. But they’re coherent is what I believe. We’re born. We have a body, a brain and a soul. These 3 elements portray us – the Homosapien and we are the primary torch bearers of Change, Growth and Evolution. Call it as you like. Its basic science that we grow (physically and mentally) with time. The patterns of our lives Change indefinitely at different stages of our life and it starts from day 1. This is only the analysis of change in a Human being we’re talking about. In addition to the physical and mental changes, there is another change that deserves to be amongst the protagonists here. Spiritual change it is.

I’ve lived low on spirituality all my life so far and I’d be the wrong person to write about it. Hence I think I will skip it.

How do these changes affect us?
Changes can be referred to as chemical and biological alterations in our body and thus they have a deep impact on us (I guess I’m including a lot of science into this).

Physical changes can be easily seen whereas mental and spiritual changes have to be closely looked upon at.

Again, mental and spiritual change are somehow related. I mean these are only what an individual can feel within them. It can’t be exhibited. Mental changes are again related to physical changes if we include the growth of our brain as one of the aspects and of course its a part of physical change.
I’m starting to feel it would be unfair to categorize Change because everything here seems to be congruent, they seem to be related to each other. So let me call it only Change.

And change ain’t confined to humans or other living species. It is actually a global process. It finds its existence at the topmost level. Consider our earth as a whole entity or our solar system or galaxies for that sake. They’re ever transforming or changing and they affect its subsets as well that is us, the nature. Its always on the move. Climatic changes, global temperature etc etc. Everything changes with time.

So Change is convoluted yet the simplest of processes. It is everywhere. You know as they say, “The only thing that is permanent is Change” – bada hi sahi kehte hain.

Change can be brought about by a lot of factors. The most prominent of them all is TIME. In some cases, People overpower the Time factor. They change you, transform you, refine you, bring out the best in you and some can even break you. Its how you conceive it.

Just as I didn’t know how to start the note, I don’t know how I’m going to end it.
To conclude, I’d say Change is sure to happen. Everything and everyone change. We can do our bit to take every change as a part of growth and to sustain the true ‘us’ within us.

Enjoy every change that life has in store for you, or else crib about it.Image

What is Life?


It has been three minutes since I entitled this note but I still don’t know where to start from ?! No, wait! In fact my disproportionate, blob like brain has been on this life exploration spree for quite some time now and the voices in my head have so much to say about it, each one of them with a different feel, outlook and frequency to it. Let me put them one by one.

Great! Now I don’t know what to write! (actually it’s just the lethargic phase man and moreover I just woke up out of my sleep out of the blue)                                                                                                          

Anyhow I shall begin. After all I’m here, writing for a purpose. But before I begin I shall take an oath to myself that I would keep this simple. I wouldn’t look up for impressive words into the dictionary to showcase how big a wannabe I’ve been in the past.

I’m no writer, I have tried my hand at it a few times in the past and I failed brutally, EPIC failure is the word. The thing is that every time I’d see my friends write a brilliant article, my confidence would falter steeply and out of inferiority and agony I’d pen down something to prove a point or rather prove that I’m a wannabe. But today I write only for myself and a few of my close friends. Okay I realized that I’m starting to derail from fulfilling this legend. And before it becomes a biopic, I’d get back to the point.
Okay so life! What is it? Each one of us has their own definition to it and set of rules that help us live it, mostly abrasive to one another. I have a few definitions too. In fact In these 20 years of my Life, I’ve been to multiple time zones and in each one of them my prospect of Life has been different. Some of them made sense, some of them didn’t. But I’m proud to have a mind that could think of those definitions (I’m a narcissist at times). Today, In this moment I don’t have the ability to circumscribe it to words or more precisely a “definition”. It is something that I want to feel tonight and if possible for the rest of my life. I want to give my thoughts a free spin. I have so much to say, so much to vent out. I can’t. Perhaps it is still at the sub-conscious level.

Anyway I shall go with the flow and what comes to my mind now is one of the most beautiful things said about life by one of the most beautiful women of all time, Nirali Shah. She believes “we’re born perfect but gradually as we grow, the purity of our soul starts to diminish, we get influenced by others (society) ,we become imperfect and hence we’re here for a purpose”. A purpose to reincarnate our true souls, to attain perfection (nirvana/brahmin as she puts it) or at least work towards it. We’re here to grow, to learn, to achieve and to be ourselves. That makes sense, ain’t it?

So basically ” it’s an ambiguous road-map that takes us back to where we began our journey, what we’re supposed to be, with growth, refinement, memories and plenty of sweet and sour experiences during the itenerary“. I couldn’t agree much to it. But then this is on the philosophical level. Life certainly has a lot of other angles and sides to it. Having said that, I still don’t want to confine it, definitely not by bringing geometry into the picture. I would like to mention a few beautiful things that life has to offer though. How about starting off with Love?
I think that would be just perfect to commence with.

Another question : What exactly is LOVE?
Love I guess is the basic building block of life. I mean each one of us wants something or someone to love and to be loved at the same time. Consider life without love. Sounds reckless right? It’s hard to imagine. If we closely observe, love is everywhere. Love can be between two individuals, it can be between a human and an animal, and on the topmost level it is between nature/god and its entities. Love binds us all. It’s the most beautiful feeling. It’s the fuel to the vehicle of life. So love everyone, respect everyone. Feel it. So it’s another one of those things that we can’t possibly put into words. It is supposed to be felt. I don’t know where this is going (I’m treading with the flow).

I’m short of words now. Because what I feel doesn’t fall under the set of words that language has to offer. Language is superficial. So I’d keep this feeling intact. I have my earphones plugged in at the moment, I feel the music, i feel my breath, i feel alive. For me this is life. When I am with my friends, I go ballistic, that is life. When I’m with my family, it’s blissful. When I’m with my lady, it’s blithesome. In each moment, we cross new horizons, each moment we grow, each moment we push our limits, each moment we get closer to being perfect. In each moment we live.
We are born from a mother’s womb, and in the end when we are buried in the womb of mother earth.Hence life is a journey, a cycle with infinite moments of glory and a few moments of grief. It never ends. It goes on and on. Our body decays but our soul is immortal. I have a zillion other things to put forward but I won’t because as mentioned, life is a cycle so whatever I’d say would bring me down to the same point again and the point is that “Life is about moments that integrate to shape an epic journey“. Feeling alive each moment is what we all desire for.

So let’s just do it. Let’s live each moment. Let’s live life. Let’s define life.